my favourite series of 2019

I have watched a fair few tv shows this year. So, now I’m going to give you my opinions (that you didn’t ask for) on the best shows of the year. You’re welcome. My list of shows for this post has grown rather long, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet for each … More my favourite series of 2019


the unfortunate importance of beauty (and social media)

beauty is a concept and I don’t agree I’ve never written a diary. I never really saw the point as a kid. The concept of writing down all your thoughts and feelings in a book that you were likely to accidentally leave somewhere and the contents ruin your life forever just didn’t appeal to me. … More the unfortunate importance of beauty (and social media)

august tv

Okay, okay…I know some of these series came out a little while ago, but I wrote half of this post when they did and never got round to posting it. Call me unorganised, I’m just proud I finally posted a blog after approximately 15 years. After re-reading this post, I’ve noticed a theme of me … More august tv

zero waste living

Now, I’m sure I will never be able to live completely waste free, but anything you can do to reduce your total waste is a step in the right direction. I was given these products to try out. You might remember reading my ‘going cruelty free‘ makeup blog post a little while ago, where I … More zero waste living

tv in march

Yes, we may already be two weeks into April, but I have some great TV from last month to share👏with👏you👏! And as usual, no spoilers! I’m a good person! THE BRIDGE I don’t know why it has taken me THIS long to watch The Bridge. It is amaaazing. Probably one of the best crime / … More tv in march

going cruelty free

The other day I came across an article all about animal testing in the makeup industry. After reading that, I decided that I would no longer support brands that carried out testing on animals. Even though the majority of my makeup is made by Maybelline, and some of their products work so well I’ve been … More going cruelty free


The other week, a friend of mine asked if I’d shoot her headshots for her drama school application. Obviously, I said yes because (as everyone knows) I love taking photos – especially of people. I thought I’d show you how I created these in the limited space I had to work with! These are two … More Headshots