The Art of Cosplay

On the way to school the other day my friend said to me, “your eyebrows are perfect for cosplay!”. I replied with a confused grunt (If there was a sound effect for this I would insert it here). This got me thinking about cosplay and why it is becoming popular (at least with some Otaku’s [I know, I’d never heard of them either…]). Spending hours on end perfecting face painting and wigs, just doesn’t sound like my idea of a fun evening…

And don’t even get me started on the cost! Buying a wig alone can cost up to £20 plus a wig net, comb, costume, some makeup and props. Well let’s just say this isn’t a cheap hobby…
My main gripe is … what is the point? What do you gain from dressing up painting your face, all for what? Taking it all off again and stuffing it back into a box never to be used again? I can understand maybe one or two costumes (and a few wigs obviously!). But having multiple, just doesn’t make sense to me!

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