OCD much?

I hate door handles (specifically the ones on toilets). I don’t mean the actual door handle but trying to get out of the toilet without touching the door handle itself…hmm, now I have said door handles too much. I’ll call them DHs for short.

There are several approaches to opening a toilet door without touching the sticky, smeary, grubby DH. You can go back into a cubicle get a piece of tissue (risking touching all the other DHs) to open the door with. Or you could pull your sleeve down and open it with that. Or you could hook your wrist round the handle, open the door (almost breaking your wrist) getting stuck in the process. Whilst people give you weird looks as they push past you…well, that’s my way of doing it.

Another thing I do is colour code my pens and pencils. This annoys my friend so much she takes it upon herself to mess them up again.

But don’t you worry your little head about me, I’m just a very fastidious person.


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