Head Over Heels

Right. First post of the week. Let’s make this a good one…

I want to tell you some stories. Not just any old boring stories, stories that involve me and other people falling over (and getting stuck in things).

I am a clumsy person. No. I am a VERY clumsy person. I mean so clumsy that I will fall over even when there is nothing to trip me.

I was walking down a hill with my friend a few weeks ago and the ground was very slippery. (You can already see this is not going to end well). My friend slipped but didn’t quite fall over. But knowing me I did fall over. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I slid down the hill under my friends legs and ended up in a heap on the pavement. My friend was so shocked she fell over too, started sliding and crashed into me. This would be all ok if we were on our own but no. The road was completely chock-a-block with cars. And to top it off there was a elderly man walking up the hill who had to make way for us to slide past. I am actually laughing while writing this. Wow.

Next up, swimming pool lockers…oh God. About a month ago I thought of a great idea. Let’s try and fit myself inside this locker. What a bad idea that turned out to be. After fitting my whole body inside a locker I decided to call to my sister to show her my achievement. She came over and put a pound coin in the slot. (I couldn’t stop her as my hands were unnaturally shoved behind me). She then proceeded to close the door and lock it. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this matter.

This story is not actually about me (luckily). My friend Amber (I have changed her name for personal privacy) was walking her dog over a bridge a couple of days ago. Her dog ran under bridge to play in the water and her mum had to go and fetch him. Amber thought she would try and fit herself through the railings on top of the bridge. Unfortunately she failed, Getting only her leg though she gave up. But it was too late she was stuck, and her mum wasn’t coming back anytime soon. As she sat thinking of a way to escape from her leg prison, a woman walked past. Amber had to think quick, how to disguise being stuck in a fence? Well she lent over the side and pretended to be looking over, still with her leg twisted through the bars. *claps slowly*.

So I hope you enjoyed laughing at my pain and suffering. (And Amber’s obviously!). Let’s just hope my clumsiness will improve with age!



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