Awkward Moments

We all have them…but I doubt any of yours are as bad as my friends and mine.

So, one of my most awkward moments was about two years ago. Lets set the scene. It was a crisp winters day, our topic in PE was hockey. My friends and I had got our shin pads on, gum shields in and all that malarkey. The first thing our teacher told us to do was walk up and down the court. So as we were walking the teacher came up to me and said ‘No, you’re doing it all wrong’. I looked at her with a confused head tilt. Then she said ‘sit on the ball’… Ummm OK I thought, this must be some trick of getting in the hockey-playing position. So, I sat on the ball. Turns out she didn’t say ‘sit on the ball’, she said ‘stick on the ball’. I must have looked like such an idiot.

The next two events both happened on a walk home with my friend. I thought that running away from my friend whilst she was looking at the view of our town would be a hilarious prank. She knew I would come back so she decided to sit on the floor leaning against a car and pretending to cry. I didn’t come back, instead I watched a man (whose car she was leaning on) come up to her and stare at her. She thought this was me so carried on pretending to cry. After about 2 minutes of solid crying she looked up to see this man, she got up and walked off like nothing had happened. It still worries me today, why that man didn’t ask if she was ok…he just stared. Later on my friend crawled/ slid / fell under a fence. No need to say, she got stuck. But while she was wriggling out about 20 tourists with hiking poles walked past, taking photos of her…why would you do that?!

“these are my photos of my time in that town I visited.”

“here is one of the view.”

“here is one of some horses.”

“and look, here is one of a school girl stuck under a fence!”

I have many more awkward moments to tell you, but lets save those for another time.


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