Permanently Procrastinating

I procrastinate a lot. I know, most people do but I think I have a problem…
Lets say I need to revise for a maths test. I set out all my books, get a glass of water and sit at my desk… “Wait a minute, that pile of clothes really needs putting away!”. Or I might be sat at a computer doing homework, “you know what, I need to help my sister film her YouTube video.”
But the thing is, I know that I won’t be able to sleep that night because I am so worried about getting all my work done. Yet every day I do the same thing. I even have to line up activities to do every day so that I can sleep knowing that I have not wasted 24 hours of my life…oh god am I wasting my life? We are all going to die one day…what am I doing?
This brings me on to making lists. I swear, I get through at least 1 pack of sticky notes a week. I make lists about the weirdest things, from the homework I plan to do that day, to what Hogwarts house I would be in. I can understand why I list my homework…as I have the memory of a fish (and not a smart fish), but making a list on what I would name my goats if I had any…well I’m not sure that’s normal.
So, I’m just going to go and do my philosophy and ethics homework that I have been putting off for the last week. Or I might go and paint my wand…yes I’ll do that. And maybe the homework if I have time.

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