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I get obsessed way to easily. And it is becoming a problem.

It is good to have something that you are enthusiastic about, however when it takes over your life…that is when it becomes a problem.

For example one of my most resent obsessions is terrapins. But this isn’t the first animal. A while back I was determined to get chickens. I spent ages looking up the best breeds and all of the stuff you will need to know. Turns out my parents didn’t want to get chickens, and I waisted a considerable amount of my life.

Recently I have been carving wands from Harry Potter (coz I’m cool like that) and now when I walk down the street I think to myself,
“Oooo look, that stick could be carved into a wonderful Voldemort-wand!”.

Another thing I do is, when I find a YouTuber I like, I will watch every single video they have ever posted. For example, a YouTuber I have been watching recently is ‘BananaJamana’ and she posts videos every Monday and Thursday. On a those days I will look on Twitter to see when she says something like ‘new video in 10 minutes’. Then I will time 10 minutes and refresh the YouTube page until it pops up. Geez I have no life!

In conclusion I get obsessed, I just wish I could be obsessed with things like homework and revision.


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