So, a little insight into my life. This week I was on work experience. It was amazing! I was working with a designer/art director. Which is basically my dream job. Everyday we would cook lunch, photograph the results and upload them to Instagram. (If you want to see my photos I will link my Instagram here –> ennie_one. And here is my employer’s Instagram—> matt_inwood). He also taught me how to use InDesign so towards the end of the week I could create a cookbook with all the recipes we used and the photos I took. Ahhh, that was a great week.

EnnieWay, on with the blog. Eh, eh see what I did there (heh-heh)?

Whilst drawing the other day, something hit me. No, it was not a tennis ball (though that is a common occurrence), it was a realisation. I am a perfectionist. I will spend ages trying to make my work as perfect a possible. Some might think that this is a good thing, because it means I will spend a lot of time making my work as good as I possibly can. Well, it is a good thing to an extent. Here are some scenarios which show that being a perfectionist is not always a good thing:-

1. Spending hours on drawing the perfect hand then realising that now you have to draw the other one exactly the same.

2. Rubbing out work so many times that you end up ruining your work with grey smudges from the eraser.

3. Ripping out pages of sketchbooks when I get angry with the drawing and turn into the she-hulk.

4. I don’t just do this with art. Oh no-no-no; I do this with my work in school. If my handwriting isn’t neat enough, I will just turn over to another page and start again.

5. Being a perfectionist also restricts me from doodling. When I try to doodle in the corner of an exercise book, I end up tearing the corner of the page off because I don’t like the doodle I just did. This results in teachers writing in green pen all over my book, telling me not to draw/rip my books…

6. However, when I do a doodle that I actually think is moderately okay, the teacher will still scrawl green crosses all over it. So I’m there like, “you just ruined a perfectly good piece of art, do you not realise how long that little drawing of Baymax took me? Over half of your lesson, that’s how long! Geez…”.

So, those are a few of the many reasons being a perfectionist can be annoying. Now let me go and finish drawing Elsa’s other hand.


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