Sassy Sister

When I was younger I was a very shy kid. This meant that I was a bit of a pushover. In primary school I couldn’t ever stand up for myself. However, now I am older, ‘I don’t take no shizzle from nobody’ *says in a sassy voice*.

For example, in the holidays my Grandma took me, my sister and my cousins to an adventure/farm/play place. Whilst chatting to my cousin, my sister came up to me and told me about a horrible boy (around 11 years old) who pushed in front of her in the queue for the zip-wire. She explained how she politely told him that he had pushed in front of her and if he wouldn’t mind going behind her. He grunted and did so. When it had come round to begin my sister’s turn, she was just getting onto the seat when he pushed her off the edge. He pushed her off! HOW DARE HE! Who did he think he was? Pushing other kids who are younger than him. How? Who? What? Why? By this point in the story I was infuriated, I think there was probably steam coming out of my ears. So when I had calmed down my cousin, my sister and I headed off to do the assault course.

When we got to the end, there was the zip-wire. My sister tilted her head to point out the boy that had pushed her. I didn’t want to make a fuss so we got in the queue. Guess what, he pushed in front of me. Now kid, you just messed with the wrong big sister. So, this is how the conversation went :-

Me: *Taps kid on the shoulder* Excuse me, there is a queue. *says in a sarcastic voice*
Kid: I know I’m not blind!
Me: *still in a sarcastic voice* Oh okay, you are just stupid then? Right that makes sense.
Kid: *Sheepishly walks away*

I think it is safe to say that he won’t be pushing in front of anyone any time soon.


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