Stupid Learnin’!


School is beginning to effect my life outside of school. I don’t mean homework and revision, I mean information I have learnt in lessons.

For example the other day walking to school I started counting the number of blue, silver and red cars. Pretty normal right?…well normalish. Anyway I then proceeded to find what percentage of the cars were blue. I don’t understand why I do this. I even do it subconsciously, in the back of my mind I think that I need to know this information.

In English we have to pick characteristics out of text. This has got into my head and now I just do it automatically. Like, when I was listening to the song Belle (from beauty and the beast) this morning I started thinking ‘well, Belle seems to be a very grateful person, however Gaston is very arrogant. You can see this when he replies “I know” when being told he is the best hunter’. I don’t care why the book seller has a sense of humour an Belle doesn’t. I just want to listen to the bloomin’ song!

You think that’s bad enough? No. The worst part is I seem to retain the information better than I do with stuff I actually need to remember. No Miss I don’t know how to finish the algebraic fraction equation. But I do know that 43% of the cars on the way to school this morning were blue!


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