Back for good

I haven’t written in four whole weeks! (Not half ones whole ones!). That’s 30 odd days. I haven’t written a blog in 720 hours! 2,592,000 seconds ago was the last time I published a blog. I don’t even know how to say that number! And I haven’t written one since. That is appalling. COME ON ERIN, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!

Anyway one of the reasons for my lack of blogs is that have been in Germany for the past week. I would like to share with you some of the weird things Germans do. Well it might have just been the family I was staying with but oh well.

1. They season their tomatoes.

So at dinner one night, Johanna’s Mother sliced up some tomatoes and put them in the middle of the table. As the family took slices they seasoned them with salt and pepper. I don’t really understand why they did this it could have been because they just really like salt (which I will come onto later.). Or they had really horrible tasting tomatoes. They then asked me what we put on tomatoes in England. I told them that we didn’t put anything on them; they gave me a funny look.

2. Salt.

My friend and her exchange went to get pretzels after school one day. You know how pretzels are already salty? Well obviously not to her standards as she made it a whole lot more salty. Basically, she put salt on the pretzels then put salted butter on that, then put more salt on top of the butter, took a bite and did the same thing to the next mouthful. *wretches*

3. They can’t say CH.

We were playing a game on the Wii where one person could cheat on the mini game and everyone had to guess who it was. They asked me the English word and I told them it was cheating. They spent the rest of the game shouting ‘you’re sheeting, you’re sheeting!’ at me. I tried to correct her but she wouldn’t listen. My exchange was also telling me about some Chickens at her grandparent’s house. You already know how this is going to end. Well she spent the entire conversation saying ‘shi-ins’. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that wasn’t how you said it…

I make these observations out of fondness, Germans are lovely people and the family I stayed with were so welcoming and friendly. So at last I have written a blog. Hooray! I will probably see you in another 2,592,000 seconds.


3 thoughts on “Back for good

  1. We lived on a small island in Spain for some years, anything salad like was doused with olive oil, salt and black pepper, tomatoes withstanding. I can’t eat food this way, whilst my daughter who raised amongst the spanish local community loves it. Salt in particular seems a fairly addictive and moreish addition to food lol and it would appear that practice makes perfect 😉 It sounds like you had fun in Germany ? Salty food aside haha. Glad your back blogging.

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  2. My dad salt literally everything I mean everything! I nominated you for the sunshine award check out my recent blog post!


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