I wasn’t nominated to do the ‘too much information’ tag but what is tagging really? I mean really. Okay fine, I couldn’t think of anything to write about this week…

1. What are you wearing?

My pyjamas. I know. I am the coolest kid.

2. Wave you ever been in love?

Well, I love my shampoo…

3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?


4. How tall are you?

5’4 (ish)

5. How much do you weigh?

Literally have no idea. I could weigh myself but that would involve walking upstairs…

6. Any tattoos?


7. Any piercings?

My earlobes. Heh lobes. That’s a funny word.

8. OTP?


9. What is your favorite show?

The Office (American version) and Pretty Little Liars.

10. Who are your favorite bands?

Does Disney count?

11. Something you miss?

The smell of my candle that just went out. *sobs*.

12. Favourite song?

Que Sera Sera (Doris Day) or On My Own (Le Mis)

13. How old are you?

15 years young.

14. Zodiac sign?

Cancer the crab *makes claw like movement with hands*.

15. Quality you look for in a partner?

Erm….a sense of humour? This really is the ‘too much information’ tag…

16. What is your favorite quote?

‘Repetition is funny.’

-My Mum

17. Who is your favorite actor?

Kristen Bell.

18. Favorite color?


19. Loud music or soft?

Depends what mood I’m in. But mostly loud.

20. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Watch funny cat videos…

21. How long does it take you to shower?

I have never timed myself. Like 20 minutes?

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

40 minutes (ish)

23. Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Does my sister practising Judo on me count?

24. Turn on’s?


25. Turn off’s?

Also lights.

26. The reason I started blogging?

My mum told me to. Also to distract myself from getting stressed.

27. What are your fears?

Burning my ear on my straighteners (again).

28. Last thing that made you cry?

Realising I’m only on question 28 of 50.

29. Last time you said you loved someone?

My mum. Last night.

30. Meaning behind your blog name?

My dad calls me Ennie. Ennie sounds just like Any. That was good enough for me.

31. Last book you read?

Of Mice and Men. Because the school made me.

32. The book you’re currently reading?

Heroes. Because the school made me.

33. Last show you watched?

The Office.

34. Last person you talked to?

My Mum. Telling me what zodiac sign I am.

35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

My mum. 

36. What is your favorite food?

Kidney Beans.

37. Place you want to visit?


38. Last place you were?

At school.

39. Do you have a crush?

Well, excuse you.

40. Last time you kissed someone?

My mum.

41. Last time you were insulted?

My mum. Telling me I was stupid for not knowing what zodiac sign I am.

42. Favourite flavor of sweet?


43. What instruments do you play?

Ocarina and a little bit of ukulele.

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?

A ring.

45. Last sport you played?

Ahaha. Wait, you’re serious?

46. Last song you sang?

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

47. Favourite pick up line?

Damn, I dropped it.

48. Have you ever used it?

Well, yeah. Every time I drop something.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?

My mum. Writing our blogs.

50. Who should answer these questions next?

Well, like me, you can tag yourself.


So, I hope you learnt a bit too much about me. Have a nice day.

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