Dancing Queen


I am an awful dancer. I’m not just saying that to get complements or anything, I really mean it. I suck at dance.

If you still don’t believe me here are some horrific stories about me embarrassing myself.

Okay, I will admit this one isn’t too bad but oh well. During a dance lesson in year 7 me and my friend were put in a group together. The group consisted of me, my friend and two boys who had no interest in dancing. For some strange reason me and my friend decided we should try and do ‘high kicks’. Basically just kicking your leg as high up into the air as humanly possible. Being the show off that I am, I tried to kick my leg up higher than my friend. Me being my clumsy self, I fell back and landed on my bum with a thud. To make it worse the boys in my group didn’t laugh at me, they just stared in stupefied disbelief at the clumsy idiot sitting on the floor. I will tell you something, I won’t being doing ‘high kicks’ again anytime soon.

In year nine my class was asked to perform in a concert. We decided to sing and dance to the song, ‘We’re all in this together’ from High School Musical. After months of hard work we had finished preparing our dance and learning the song. All we had to do now was perform it. The performance went alright, maybe a little off key at times but what can you expect from a bunch of 13 year olds? The next day my friend told me that her mum had come to watch us in the audience. Apparently people around her were telling her how brave of us it was to go up and do that. I was as confused, as you probably are right now. Why were we so brave? There were lots of acts. Why our performance? Well, I later found out that everyone in the audience thought we had special needs. Presumably our dance routine hadn’t been as flawless as I thought.

You may be surprised to know I din’t end up taking dance for GCSE or A-Level. I know, crazy right? The missed opportunities! I would have given Gene Kelly a run for his money.


6 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Hilarious, Erin. 😀 Ya know, dancing just might not be for everyone. I’m sure it often LOOKS easy when we see other folks do it. But seeing and doing it well can be two VERY different things (as you obviously noted).

    I used to dance a lot myself – back in the day when I still liked clubbing it and hanging at house parties (another life; another dimension). But I always realized the more self-conscious I became, the more awful I’m sure I looked. It was only in those less frequent times when I really just didn’t care and felt supremely confident (delusional) that I believed I was setting the floor on fire (picture me “singing in the rain” like Gene Kelly – on heavy medication). Although sometimes, I was still plagued by that nagging feeling that other people in the room were snickering under their breath or gasping at the unholy spectacle erupting before their eyes.

    Now, I know. A lot of folks might rashly say (not necessarily you of course), “But…but…you’re black! Can’t all black people dance…?” Ahh, but therein lies the myth. That’s no more true than the assumption all black people can play basketball (I played in high school, but not well – much to the incredulous chagrin of my coach. Track was my forte and that I did exceedingly well, in case you were wondering). Yep, dancing for me sometimes devolved into an entrepreneurial activity – one I later realized I probably should have thought more deeply about before engaging. 😀

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