LootCrate January – Invasion        

New Series!

Every month in the post we get a LootCrate. This is a monthly subscription box costing around $20 filled with geeky and nerdy merchandise from TV shows and films. I know, I was in my element. The contents are based around a theme which differs every month So I thought, why not share January’s LootCrate with you (well, you can look at the pictures)?

January’s theme was ‘Invasion’ (ooh, exciting).

Every box contains a LootCrate exclusive t-shirt. This month had a ‘The X Files’ themed top.

And a badge.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was an ‘ickle furry facehugger plush. This little cutie is based on the evil facehuggers from the film ‘Alien’. You know, the ones that jump up and attach to your face, then melt your face and chest off with acid and kill you? Yes, those.

Side note- The box also contains a handy elastic band to recreate the acidy-deathy experience.


The next thing I fished out of the box was this ‘X Files’ torch. I have never actually watched ‘The X Files’ but this is still pretty damn cool.


We also got this prop replica multi pass from the film ‘The Fifth Element’, which I have to say is pretty nifty too.


One of my favourite things in the box are these prints. They are exclusive ‘Invasion’ mini art prints which would look great on your wall.

Obviously, I’ll be back in the meantime with some other random outfit post or ‘look at how stupid my life is’ blog. But I will be back in February with another LootCrate offering. Bet you can’t wait.




4 thoughts on “LootCrate January – Invasion        

  1. Fascinating…..

    Hi, Erin! Hey, how did you start collecting all this stuff? I mean, what initially prompted you to get started? And, depending on how long you’ve been doing this, I imagine you either have or will eventually need a whole room devoted entirely to these collectibles. Again, fascinating…..

    P.s., I noticed when you cited the price of the subscription you converted it to U.S. currency, rather than British pounds. Rather considerate of you for us American knaves who have trouble even coming to terms with the fact that other currencies besides ours exist. If this was intentional on your part – and not just some WordPress thing, I thank you!


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