EnnieWears #1 + Makeup

This episode of ‘EnnieWears’ is a full makeup and outfit (Oooh Ahhh). I wore this outfit when we went to Salisbury for the day. All products will be linked at the bottom of the page.

Let’s start with the makeup: 

First I applied foundation from Maxfactor using a foundation brush (at least I think it’s foundation, it actually doesn’t mention the word ‘foundation’ anywhere on the bottle).

I then applied bronzer with a contour brush and blusher from this Barry M palette with a buffing brush.

I slightly filled in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil from Rimmel London as I have the lightest eyebrows ever.


For my eyes I used my ‘In The Buff’ eyeshadow palette from W7.

Finally I added some mascara by Maxfactor and eyeliner from Soap and Glory.

I sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I actually have no clue…

This was the finished look:

Salisbury January 30, 2016-88


For the outfit:

I pared this suede skirt with a black polo-neck top and black tights. I am wearing gloves as it was absolutely freezing when we went, you can’t tell in the photos but I’m internally sobbing…it was actually so cold I couldn’t take my coat off to show you the full outfit!

I am also wearing these wonderful boots that I found the other day. They are truly beautiful.

The coat is actually my mums but none of my coats went with the outfit so I had to steal it…

I have been looking for a small bag for so long as I only have a big satchel which is too large and heavy to bring around with me. It’s by the brand Nica but I found it in TK Maxx. It is a perfect size for a phone and wallet and it has a cat on the front (which is always a good sign in my book).

My necklace is from Oliver Bonas.

Salisbury January 30, 2016-23


Even though it was freezing cold we had a lovely day. I hope you enjoyed this episode of EnnieWears. I really should do more of these…



3 thoughts on “EnnieWears #1 + Makeup

  1. Hi, Erin! 😃

    Well, you did an excellent job in enhancing your natural beauty, Ms. Archer. You are gorgeous. But I think it’s obvious you possess remarkable qualities MaxFactor can only dream of topping. Yet, amazingly somehow, you’ve found a way in your own to add to your glow.

    I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter what they’re about because it’s you who always comes through. Your personality and wit and charm.

    Congrats on another well done post. You’re making your fellow bloggers proud! 😃

    Liked by 2 people

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