LootCrate February – Dead

I know, I know. I haven’t written in two whole weeks. But there is revision and homework and Netflix and chores and Netflix…

Welcome to another LootCrate post, this months theme for our box was ‘dead’.

Here is this months LootCrate exclusive t-shirt. This one is a ‘Deadpool’ themed top. I am yet to watch ‘Deadpool’ but I intend to.

This could actually be one of my favourite t-shirts from LootCrate. I also looks super cool tucked into black jeans…well that’s how I’ve been wearing it.



Here is this months badge.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this packet of ‘Walking Dead’ soap-on-a-rope ears. I’m not sure I have ever had the urge to wash myself with a brown soap shaped like an ear, but, there is a first time for everything…I guess…


Next, we got a ‘Walking Dead’ figureine. This one we had to make ourselves.

He came as a small heap of plastic, but with my great knowledge of building zombies from small plastic pieces you receive in the mail, I made this into a slightly scary zombie.

One of my favourite things in the box was this ‘Deadpool’ figure.  HE’S JUST SO COOL! I would like to put him up on a shelf, but my dad won’t let me. He has to stay in his box *sighs*.

So, that is the end of this months LootCrate unboxing. If you want to read January’s unboxing the link is here.

I pinky swear I will try to possibly, maybe post every (or every other) Saturday from now on. Sometimes…



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