LootCrate March – Versus

3 weeks straight. That’s right. I knew I had it in me, *pats self on the back*.

This month’s theme for LootCrate was ‘versus’. I love the design on the box this month.


As always, here is the LootCrate exclusive t-shirt. This month’s was this ‘Start Trek’ ‘Mirror Mirror’ shirt. I have already worn this T-Shirt. I must say, although being slightly large, it is super comfy. We did have trouble with the sizing on the ‘LootCrate’ T-Shirts. At first we ordered a medium (which I usually am) but that turned out to fit my 9 year old sister. Now we get extra large, which is a much better fit.

This is the ‘Versus’ badge. I’ll be honest, I never really wear the badges. They are usually kept in their bags, in the boxes stored away somewhere.


The first thing we pulled out of the box was this ‘Batman v Superman’ wallet. It smells kinda funny but I’m sure I will get over it.

Next, this ‘Dare Devil’ ‘Punisher’ reversible beanie which my sister took a liking to. I think she may have stolen it…

This ‘Alien’ ‘Xenomorph’ figure is pretty cool and is already in our display cabinet. Also, my cat photobombed the picture.

Finally, this LootCrate exclusive ‘Harley Quinn’ comic. I think this is already filed away with all the other comics in our house.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s LootCrate. If you want to read the previous unboxing posts, here is January’s and February’s.

NB: Exciting post coming next week. I can’t say any more than that…









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