EnnieWears #2

Okay, I wrote this post before the ‘summer’ hit us. I am currently sitting an a vest and shorts editing and I’m far too lazy to do another photoshoot so you are going to have to deal with this slightly out of date one. Sorry!

Don’t be fooled. Even though I was wearing sunglasses I was still slightly freezing…


It has got to that time of year when you don’t want to wear your winter coat (for fear you might turn into a boil-in-the-bag cod steak in parsley sauce) but venturing out jacket-less  is too frighting a thought.


So, I opted for the denim jacket look. Not going to lie, I forgot I even owned a denim jacket. However, whilst searching through my wardrobe I found it at the back along with some school trousers from year 7 that I never got rid of. Damn, I need to clean out my wardrobe more often…

Under it I wore a grey sweatshirt from h&m over a vest, to warm it up slightly. On my legs I wore some black jeans and for shoes I wore my white leather Converse. Because everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a good old pair of converse.

I have finished my exams!!! Now I have 10/12 weeks off school. You would think that that meant more regular posts but I’m not promising anything…


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