These Are A Few Of My Favourite (Cat Related) Things.

You like what I did with the title?

Some may call me obsessed. I think I’m just passionate. My love for cats has become rather severe, to the point that I pretty much buy anything that is cat related. So, today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite cat things. That’s right, this isn’t even the end of my madness. Maybe you are here because you are a crazy cat lady too, or you just want to laugh at me and say “what a sad girl, only 16 and already a crazy cat lady”. Either way, (well actually I’d prefer if you didn’t laugh at me), I hope you enjoy.


I absolutely LOVE this print. It is actually a birthday card from my Aunt and Uncle. They have got the right idea. The colours are so pretty and the cats have little ruffels and bows on *squeals*.


My parents got me this little cat tealight holder for Christmas. I think everyone is picking up on the idea that I am a little obsessed. It also combines my two passions in life, candles and cats.


This is another framed birthday card that my friend gave to me. It is a cat with glasses. What more could you want in life?


Another framed card. Surprise surprise. This one I actually bought for myself. Now, before you start silently judging me – look at it, the letters are made up of cats and evrything!


I made this little sand cat in the Isle of Wight. Look at his little bow tie, so cute!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Wavy Davey, the first of my waving cat pair. These two sit on the top of my wardrobe. I took the batteries out of them because they were too loud. Not so Wavy any more, Davey.


This is the other waving cat, I have forgotten his name but he sits with Wavy Davey.


This little guy I found at a car boot sale. He is just so sweet, I don’t know why but I fell in love with him when I saw him. He sits on top of my picture frame. He has now been joined by another little cat figure. I took these pictures a while ago and I am now in the Peak District so taking another photo would be slightly difficult…


This cat pillow is from IKEA, I think it goes very well with my monochrome room.


My Grandma bought me this tea light holder for christmas from a christmas market. However, I don’t use it as a tea light holder but as a place to store the battery pack for the fairy lights the go around my computer. I think it is handmade and I really love the patterns on it.


This cat clutch bag is from some very good family friends, I absolutely love it! Whilst they were visiting we saw it in a DIY magazine I said how much I loved it…and now I have it! It also has a strap which can be attached.


This is my everyday bag. It is a perfect size to fit everything I need in it phone, wallet, keys etc. It also has a cat on it which may or may not have been one of the main reasons I bought it…


The last cat related item I am going to share with you is this adorable cat doorstop which my sister got me for my birthday. I love him very very much.


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite cat items. Don’t expect this to be the end of my cat blog posts, maybe I should do a cat clothes version of this…I sure have enough of them! If you are a misunderstood cat enthusiast like me I would love to hear from you in the comments, or I guess if you like dogs you could talk about that too. I guess…


3 thoughts on “These Are A Few Of My Favourite (Cat Related) Things.

  1. Hey ,fellow crazy cat lady! Nice post. Love the doorstop as well.
    I have my hands full with my two cats and at least 10 of their pavement friends, so no time to collect stuff. But I do have a cat that blogs. And a kitten that keeps us laughing.
    See you around on the net.

    Liked by 1 person

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