November Favorites

I haven’t done a favourites post since February. That is the only favourites post on this blog. Time and time again I have planned and written my monthly favourites, but when the time comes to post it, we are already halfway through the month. However, this month is different; when this is posted, it will be December the 4th. If I was really committed I would have posted it on the first, but if I’m going to be honest with you, I am not that organised. Anyway, let me share with you the things I have been liking slightly more than others in the month of November.


Maybelline – 24 Hour Colour Tattoo:

I am not joking when I say that I use these pretty much every single day. These are creme eyeshadows. The struggle of trying to apply your makeup in 7 minutes (which is how long I leave myself) is real. However, since finding these, my life has become so much easier. I pretty much just smear (real makeup terminology) this on my eyelids, blend it out with a brush and BAM I’m ready to go to school. On weekends I try a bit harder by using actual powder eyeshadows because I have more time, but before school, these are my holy grail. They also last all day, which is great. Here I have ‘On and On Bronze’, which as you can see by the fact I have made a hole in it – I use everyday. I also have ‘Fantasy’ which is darker and better for an evening or more bold look. These are also great to layer underneath powder eyeshadows to make them last longer.

Sleek – Contour Kit:

I’m not going to lie, I don’t completely know how to use this yet. However, I am learning and am currently loving it. My face is rather pale and round, so this is very useful to fake cheekbones and make me look slightly more tanned. The highlighter is beautiful and gives you a really pretty natural glow. Also, it has a mirror – which is always handy.


Marks and Spencers – Boots:

Whilst at an outlet store the other week, I came across this pair of boots. They were just what I had been looking for, so I bought them. I have normal flat Chelsea boots in brown and black, and chunky boots with a heel in brown and black. However, I didn’t have any boots in blue or with a very small heel (which would be suitable to wear to school). This ticked both those boxes. I really like the little bit of extra height they give me, and the ‘clip clop’ sound they make, makes me feel like I have authority. Which is always great in a shoe…


Papermate InkJoy – Pens:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are a bit of a random addition to this months favourites. These are my absolute favourite pens. I had tried these in the rainbow pack and liked them before but recently, after finding I had no working pens, I bought a pack of these. They just make my handwriting look quite nice, so I thought I would include them.



Perfume – Sunflowers:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a perfume by Elizabeth Arden. A few years ago I used to wear this perfume every day, but then I finished the bottle. I never thought to repurchase it until I saw it on sale the other day. I bought it and have rekindled my love for it. Once again, I now wear this daily, and it smells great.



I know, the 4th of December, you are thinking ‘Come on Erin – November was 4 whole days ago. No one even cares what you liked anymore’. But I hope you liked this slightly random favourites post anyway.


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