And The Award Goes To…

Last week I went to my GCSE presentations evening. This is where certificates are handed out from each exam board you took an exam in. It shows all the grades you received, and can be taken to job interviews etc. When I arrived home I got out my certificate folder, where I have stored all my certificates since I was very little. As I looked through the pages, I laughed at all the silly things such as my certificate for handing in my homework on time or joining the Sylvanian Families club. Compared to now with my Silver Duke of Edinburgh and my GCSE certificates, they seem so silly. However, at the time they obviously meant a lot as I went through the effort of putting them in my folder. Anyway, cut this sentimental rubbish – let’s look though some of my achievements that possibly don’t need to be in my folder.

Sticker Chart:

In Primary school, sticker charts were great. Getting a sticker every time you did something good like showing ‘Stickability’, now better known as ‘resilience’. I filled up a good few sticker charts in my day. However, one I have decided to display in my certificate folder is a half filled up chart. Yes, you heard me right. It isn’t even finished.

Nowadays at school, we have ‘Vevos’. One Vevo equals one pence, there is an online shop where you can order things using your Vevos to be delivered to you in school. You receive Vevos for things such as; having 100% attendance in a week or helping another student. Our school is pretty much paying us to be good pupils.

Mouse Hunt:

In our local museum, there is a trail of hidden knitted mice that you can try to find. They give you a map to mark off where you find them, and once you have found all 20 (15 if you want the easy option [but I’m hard core]) they give you a certificate. Bearing in mind, I have about 50 of these awards and the mouse hunt is probably designed for 6 year olds, I have decided that it was important enough to display one in my book.

Bronze Awards:

For filling up your first sticker chart, you received a bronze award. For your second a silver and third, gold. I have 4 bronze certificates. Each displayed in my folder. I remember this being the most annoying thing: Each term your sticker chart would reset. When I was on my second I would get half way though, the term would end, and I would be stuck with a half full chart and have to start at bronze again when the term began. This is probably where the half full sticker chart came in earlier. It was obviously the furthest I had ever got, and it was a real achievement for me.

Chess Club:

Every time I bring up the fact that I was on my school’s chess club I got laughed at. I get it. My sister does Judo, gymnastics, running club, choir, ukulele club and many more. And I did chess club. But in my defence, it was a great club. Each week, we would get biscuits and juice while we played chess against each other. Now writing about it, it does sound really lame. BUT I did get a certificate for winning the under 9 girls section. Who’s laughing now?!

I also have my special person award where everyone was forced to say something nice about you, a cross country certificate (not going to lie, I am still pretty proud of that one) and my build a bear birth certificate. Not sure that counts as a certificate, but we will move past it… I also have the newspaper snipping from when I came second in a photography competition.

UK Bloggers Award:

Now, the whole reason I wrote this blog – to tell you to vote for me in the UK Blog Awards! It would be great to add another certificate (possibly a virtual one) to my certificate folder! I am very pleased to be nominated for the fashion&beauty and the lifestyle catagory. If you would ever so kindly vote for me it would be greatly appreciated! All you have to do is click here, enter your name and email address, choose the fashion&beauty + lifestyle category and press enter. So easy! Also, don’t worry you won’t get any of those annoying emails, your email is just to make sure you only vote once. Thank you!


One thought on “And The Award Goes To…

  1. Okay… since my friend Adele shared and posted a link to your blog, I went up and had a look-see. Well, the upshot is I succumbed to your shameless plea and voted for you… not that it will make a big difference, I’m not sure votes from the “colonies” across the pond are counted… but who knows? It might be the deciding difference. Good luck. Everybody needs another certificate for their files. :))

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