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The other day I came across an article all about animal testing in the makeup industry. After reading that, I decided that I would no longer support brands that carried out testing on animals. Even though the majority of my makeup is made by Maybelline, and some of their products work so well I’ve been using them for years and years, let’s be honest, filling in my eyebrows simply doesn’t justify torturing an animal.

So, using the internet I sorted through all my makeup and put the items I wouldn’t repurchase into a seperate bag. A few weeks / possibly a month have elapsed (I have literally no sense of time) and my makeup is now completely cruelty free and, to be honest, I see no difference in my face (if that’s a good bad thing is up for debate)!

So, I thought I’d share with you what items I had to say goodbye to, and the replacements I have found, so maybe you might consider doing the same.

First of all, filling in my eyebrows is probably the most important step of my makeup routine. Mainly because my natural eyebrows are actually non-existant. My family regularly makes fun of me when I take my makeup off at the end of the day: “Umm, Erin, only people with eyebrows are allowed to sit on my bed” (love you so much, Mother).

My tried and tested method of filling them in is to use some kind of brown eyeshadow powder thing (professional makeup guru terminology) to get the general shape and then brush over them with a (possibly too dark) brown eyebrow mascara. Keeps them looking natural (not like face slugs) and makes them the strong, dark brows of my dreams.

I swapped out my Maybelline eyeshadow power for a brown Sleek eyeshadow I already had. Sleek is vegan AND their products are fab.


I used to swear by Maybelline brow mascara, but obviously I had to give that up as they test on animals. *chanting and crying* “must save the bunnies, must save the bunnies”. And instead, I found another brow mascara for not only a quarter of the price, but it works literally exactly the same (plus is even a smidgen darker)!

Next up, replacing my blue eyeliner. No, you haven’t accidentally clicked on a post from the mid-2000’s, blue eyeliner is the best! I replaced it with a Colourpop felt-tip liner.

lush highlight.jpg

As for face products, I literally never use foundation, so have yet to bother finding a good cruelty free one. My favourite concealer which I use occasionally is from Collection which is fine (thank the Lord, because I don’t think I could find a better one than that). And I use a highlighter from Lush which is AMAZING, and Lush is vegan too. So nothing to change there!


I used to use Vaseline a ridiculous amount, I literally had one in every coat pocket and bag. But, my lips often resemble the Sahara desert, so you can’t blame me. However, I was shocked to find out Vaseline isn’t cruelty free! Therefore, I’ve switched to Burt’s Bees lip balm and a very snazzy Carmex one with a bit a pink tint. And to be honest, I think they work way, way better than Vaseline anyway. For colour (on the rare occasion that I go out), I use a tiny bit of this NYX matte lip cream and rub it in.


This is my sparkly new eyeshadow pallet. I didn’t actually have a good eyeshadow pallet, I was just using a blush from The Body Shop (also vegan) . And, yes, you heard (read) me right, I was putting blush on my eyelids. Told you I was a makeup guru who knew where all the makeup things went. So I thought I’d treat myself to this lovely Colourpop one whilst they had free delivery (to avoid the £10?!? delivery cost). Colourpop is cruelty free and their makeup is beaut.

Finally, Mascara. I have been using the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara so long I just wrote the name of it without checking the bottle. That’s a long time for a fish brain like me. It’s honestly the only mascara I have found that really works for me. Therefore, I’m still using the dried up dust of it from the bottom of the bottle. I obviously am not going to re-purchase it (because, as we have already discussed, Maybelline is evil), but I don’t know what to replace it with. So, that’s where I’m a bit stuck. Any recommendations on a postcard please (or in the comments, whatever)!

So, that is my current collection of cruelty free makeup. Luckily I don’t use a huge amount of products so it wasn’t too difficult to replace everything. I hope I might have inspired you to have a look through your makeup too, and some brands that you might want to switch to!

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