tv in march

Yes, we may already be two weeks into April, but I have some great TV from last month to share👏with👏you👏!

And as usual, no spoilers! I’m a good person!


13f152e4c50ba8462290d5548a0b7731I don’t know why it has taken me THIS long to watch The Bridge. It is amaaazing. Probably one of the best crime / thrillers I have ever seen. So if that’s your kind of genre, I’d highly, highly recommend.

When a body is found on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark two detectives, one from each country, must work together to catch the killer.

The show is in Swedish / Danish, but as we all know – people who can’t watch foreign TV with subtitles are weak, and natural selection is coming for them. Just kiddinggg (I’m not).the-bridge-us-5341afc379929

Saga and Martin are such real characters that you can empathise with. I think this is one of the things that makes it so good. The plot is gripping and so twisty-turny (TV critic terminology) all the way through, and Saga has a really cool car. 

‘Saga Norén Malmö County Police Department’ (which we think she believes is her whole name) is completely oblivious to social norms. I love how the humour of her character completely comes through, even though she’s not speaking our language.


Written and starring Phoebe Weller-Bridge (who wrote AND directed Killing Eve which I LOVED), Fleabag is a dark, offbeat comedy about a woman trying to make it in London. The characters (and cast) are so funny – Olivia Colman plays her insufferable passive-aggressive step-mother, Sian Clifford does an amazing job as her uptight sister and Brett Gelman her slimey brother-in-law. He is honestly vile. Not to mention Andrew Scott. Ugh, he’s just the best.

It’s so very honest, which makes it incredibly funny and moving. I sat giggling to myself, I cried- just experienced all of the emotions. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a true genius. Unfortunately, they’re not making any more, so I’ll just have to rewatched the two series we have, over and over.



klaus_02_dribbbleNew to Netflix is an adaptation of a Dark Horse Comics series – The Umbrella Academy. 7 kids who are born with powers are forged into a crime-fighting team by a (not very pleasant to say the least) mysterious adopted father. Now, (slightly messed up) adults, they reunite to save the world.

I loved all the unique and very, very flawed characters. They’re all not very likeable, but you kind of do anyway? Ya get me? Except Luther, no one likes him. It has a very strong storyline that makes it a very binge-able show.

So those were the TV shows I enjoyed last month. Three VERY different shows – something for everyone hopefully! Let me know if you also enjoyed any of these, or maybe are planning on watching them!

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