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Okay, okay…I know some of these series came out a little while ago, but I wrote half of this post when they did and never got round to posting it. Call me unorganised, I’m just proud I finally posted a blog after approximately 15 years.

After re-reading this post, I’ve noticed a theme of me crying at a lot of these. I keep watching things that make me cry a lot. Or maybe I just cry at all things. Who knows really?

P.S! No spoilers in this post! I’m a good person!


pqsnbfjq98i31Honestly, I just love Jonathan Groff. Glee: amazing. Hamilton: amazing. Mindhunter: you guessed it: amazing.

Mindhunter follows the team who set up the Behavioral Science Unit in the FBI. They interview mass murderers and use their analysis to build profiles of serial killers (a term they came up with) to use in the field when trying to catch criminals.

It’s all based on the real people who set up the unit in 1972 and the real serial killers they interviewed. You know I love me a good serial killer / psychopath in a series and this one had tonnes!


Has some absolute TUNES and some amazingly good serial killer acting. Like, make you squirm and send actual chills down your spine, good. Somehow the actors they’ve chosen look insanely like the real killers they’re playing. And to know these are based on real people and the crimes they actually committed. Madness.

I would really, really recommend giving this one a watch.


I’m currently re-watching Glee as it was so, so long ago when I first watched it. Don’t laugh at me, it’s a great tv show. I think on my second viewing, I can truely appreciate how much I love it. I actaully get the jokes and know all the songs now, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t the first time around.

This is me during an episode of Glee. I think you will agree, I have never looked better.

Glee is set in an American High School, it follows the lives of the McKinley High Glee club. Singing, dancing and a whole lotta teenage drama. What’s not to love? My sister Ibby and I often give eachother squirming looks at the parts we find particuarly cringey, but that’s just part of the fun of it.

I get very, very emotionally attched to the characters. This was particuarly evident during a storyline at the start of series 2 regarding Kurt, which I wont spoil (but it you haven’t seen it by now, it came out in 2009, where have you been?) but anyway, it made me very sad and I was sobbing so hard I had to turn it off and go to sleep just to stop crying. So, you might say, I’m winning at life.

The Magicians:

You know a season finale really affected you when you continue to break down in tears even days after you finish a series? No? Just me? Well, that’s what happened with season 4 of the Magicians. I’m not sure a series finale has ever affected me quite as much as that one did.

magicians_alices_story_-_publicity_-_p_2018“Erin, haha, it looks like you’re crying under your sunglasses” my younger sister said to me while we were driving to a car boot sale. Why do you think I put the sunglasses on, Ibby??

Okay, I thought this ‘crying at all the TV shows’ bit would be funny, but it just makes me look like there’s something really wrong with me. I promise, this is not a cry for help – I am just a very emotional person who gets ridiculously attached to characters that don’t exist and I enjoy making fun of myself.

Anyway *ahem*.

I’d describe this series as a grown-ups Harry Potter crossed with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but much more funny, dark, and scary. It’s adapted from the book by Lev Grossman (which I’ve also read, and would highly recommend). It has a completely crazy storyline based in a world where magic is real and follows a group of students from Brakebills College of Magic. And unlike Harry Potter, The Magicians also deals with the problems and consequences that come along with magic in the harsh real world.

Such a great series that I would really recommend. Definitely up there as one of my favourite TV programmes.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace:

tumblr_ozhl06rSd21qjklgro1_400I thought this series was amazing. It’s a drama, based on the real case of the murder of Gianni Versace. It was fasinating to see Andrew Cunanan’s back story, and what may have driven him to do what he did. I wont spoil it if you don’t know the case already, I’d recommend not researching it before you watch it. And even if you do know what happened, it almost makes the series better.

I thought the acting in this was outstanding and Darren Criss as the psycopathic Cunanan was honestly chilling. After watching him in Glee (somehow these are all linking back to Glee…how odd…) seeing him tackle such a different role was insane.

The whole series was beautifully shot with amazing colours, and all set in the 90’s when it happened, so some great (and not so great) fashion statements. I also really liked the non-chronological timeline they chose to use. The series has also given me a much greater appreciation for Versace and his brand and what he stood for.

Definitely going to have to go back to watch the first series of ‘American Crime Story’, which is ‘The People vs O J Simpson’ as that looks great, too.

Overall, some great watching. I hope I’ve inspired you to maybe watch at least one of them and not that I’m mentally unstable.

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