Autumn Outfits

I haven’t done an outfit post since April last year (don’t go and find it on my blog, it’s awful)… Seeing as I have a slightly better sense of fashion now (I hope), I thought I would do another one! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And by Christmas, I mean autumn, and … More Autumn Outfits

March Favourites

H&M Jumper: This jumper is from H&M. I have worn it so much throughout the past month. I really like it with a dungaree dress (featured next) a skirt or even jeans. It goes with pretty much everything I own, and the pale pink colour is my favourite at the moment. I will insert a … More March Favourites

Clothing Haul!

I have never done a ‘haul’ on my blog before, but I bought some clothes I like (which is always good when buying clothing) and thought I would share my purchases with you. This blue and red striped jumper top thing is from New Look. They have a great sale on at the moment, and … More Clothing Haul!

Get Ready With Me

This week on my blog, I have something I’ve never done before – a ‘get ready with me’ video. So if you want to watch me do my hair and makeup before going to my friend’s birthday party, you are in luck! Also, the camera isn’t quite focused on my face which is VERY annoying. However, I havn’t … More Get Ready With Me

November Favorites

I haven’t done a favourites post since February. That is the only favourites post on this blog. Time and time again I have planned and written my monthly favourites, but when the time comes to post it, we are already halfway through the month. However, this month is different; when this is posted, it will be December … More November Favorites

Everyday Autumn Makeup

Now that it is Autumn (kind of) I can start the flurry of Autumnal posts I have been storing up. By ‘flurry’, I mean like two or three… Today, my everyday Autumn makeup routine. I have said ‘autumn’ three times already and I have only written three sentences… Products:  Concealer: I use the Collection ‘Lasting … More Everyday Autumn Makeup

EnnieWears #2

Okay, I wrote this post before the ‘summer’ hit us. I am currently sitting an a vest and shorts editing and I’m far too lazy to do another photoshoot so you are going to have to deal with this slightly out of date one. Sorry! Don’t be fooled. Even though I was wearing sunglasses I … More EnnieWears #2