Dancing Queen

I am an awful dancer. I’m not just saying that to get complements or anything, I really mean it. I suck at dance. If you still don’t believe me here are some horrific stories about me embarrassing myself. Okay, I will admit this one isn’t too bad but oh well. During a dance lesson in … More Dancing Queen


So this morning I burnt my ear. I know, big deal. But, whilst running around holding a bag of ice on my head I thought about how hard it would be to only have one arm. So, here is my one armed morning routine. 6:30 – Get up early to curl hair. Burn my ear. 6:32 – … More Pardon…?

Back for good

I haven’t written in four whole weeks! (Not half ones whole ones!). That’s 30 odd days. I haven’t written a blog in 720 hours! 2,592,000 seconds ago was the last time I published a blog. I don’t even know how to say that number! And I haven’t written one since. That is appalling. COME ON … More Back for good

Stupid Learnin’!

School is beginning to effect my life outside of school. I don’t mean homework and revision, I mean information I have learnt in lessons. For example the other day walking to school I started counting the number of blue, silver and red cars. Pretty normal right?…well normalish. Anyway I then proceeded to find what percentage of … More Stupid Learnin’!

Sassy Sister

When I was younger I was a very shy kid. This meant that I was a bit of a pushover. In primary school I couldn’t ever stand up for myself. However, now I am older, ‘I don’t take no shizzle from nobody’ *says in a sassy voice*. For example, in the holidays my Grandma took me, … More Sassy Sister


So, a little insight into my life. This week I was on work experience. It was amazing! I was working with a designer/art director. Which is basically my dream job. Everyday we would cook lunch, photograph the results and upload them to Instagram. (If you want to see my photos I will link my Instagram … More Perfectionist